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Omnichannel Innovations In Retail And E-Commerce

May 19, 2022

The pandemic-induced e-commerce boom, coupled with changing consumer expectations and stiff retail competition have made omnichannel more relevant than ever. Consumers who were once content with only shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, now want to interact with brands through both online and offline channels.

While there is no doubt about the relevance of an?omnichannel strategy, questions still remain: How exactly does omnichannel work? Why is there a need to consider an omnichannel approach in the first place? What are the top?omnichannel logistics?challenges for those in the retail and e-commerce industry??In the latest episode of our?“Unpacking E-Commerce Logistics”?series, we sat down with?Mayank Singh,?Chief Digital Officer & Vice President at?Domino’s Pizza Indonesia?to address the aforementioned questions (and many more). The session was moderated by?Hollie Jeffries, Insights Project Manager at?Worldwide Business Research.

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Key highlights of the episode:

  • Domino’s omnichannel strategy

  • Secrets behind Domino’s success

  • Influencer marketing to increase brand awareness

  • Brand positioning problems in Indonesia

  • Top challenges in food e-commerce operations

According to Mayank, Domino’s is not simply a pizza chain, but a technology company that sells pizza. In fact, Domino’s has a reputation for enhancing technology ventures around the world, thus explaining why it? is one of the leading companies in the omnichannel space. In Mayank’s view, technology plays a crucial role in online ordering; it can sift out important data such as customer identification or their contact, which makes each customer identifiable in the system. Regarding Domino’s omnichannel strategy, Mayank said that the team has plans to keep up with the technology and further develop the online business.?

Furthermore, Mayank also spoke about the team’s reluctance to use influencer marketing to increase brand awareness.? Being a ROI(return of investment)-driven company, Domino’s has always tried to measure the efficiency of a new method by its incremental ROI. As for influencer marketing, measurability is still a problem despite its rising popularity across the globe. To Mayank, collaborating with an influencer who has about 10-30 millions followers sounds lucrative, but it has high risks involved as it can “cost an arm and a leg”.? In the case that the influencer fails to create impressive content, the time and money you invest will all be in vain.

For the full discussion, check out the video below. You wouldn’t want to miss it!?

About Mayank Singh

Mayank Singh?comes with years of experience leading, managing and scaling businesses in Food Retail, Media Entertainment, E-Commerce and Startups. A passionate and entrepreneurial business leader, Mayank also brings with him in-depth knowledge of Marketing, Product Development and Business Building in all 3Cs of Digital domain (Content, Community and Commerce). He is also a speaker at eTail Asia, happening on 7-9 June 2022 at RWCC Singapore.?

eTail Asia?is the most up-to-date, in-depth and comprehensive e-commerce event in Asia for senior Retail, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing innovators. Happening 7-9 June at Resorts World Convention Center Singapore, the annual event aims to share new industry innovations, provide tips to help businesses increase their profits, and enable professionals to develop new connections within the industry.?Book now and get an exclusive 15% off!

About Unpacking E-Commerce Logistics Series

Unpacking E-Commerce Logistics?brings together some of the best experts in the e-commerce logistics and supply chain space to unpack key concepts from a variety of trending topics, ranging from the use of Artificial Intelligence in the industry to embracing hyperlocal delivery in the e-commerce world. An integral part of this series are Ask Me Anything sessions where the audience can ask our thought leaders questions about their career paths, challenges, personal growth and even their plans for the future. No question is off-topic during these interactive 30-minute sessions!

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