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Top Supply Chain Leaders of 2023 by Alcott Global

Sep 27, 2023

For the past couple of years, we have seen unprecedented challenges and disruptions globally- from the COVID-19 pandemic to geo-political issues, which affected the global economy and how the world operates. On the other hand, one thing that these events taught us is the importance of the supply chain in day-to-day operations. This opened doors for the industry, what was once a back-office function has now moved to the forefront of the business.

But, why is the supply chain important? To put it simply, the global supply chain is responsible for bringing products to store shelves and without proper management, shortages and overproduction may occur.?

Now, who ensures the smooth flow of the processes? Yes, the supply chain leaders- the Chief Operating Officers (COOs), the Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs), and the Vice Presidents of the organization. They are the ones leading their teams in making sure that the end-to-end supply chain is in order and is operating well. They lead transformation and innovation, they drive sustainability and diversity, and they promote growth. But often, they are overlooked. That is why through the Leaders in Supply Chain Awards, Alcott Global, an executive search firm, aims to recognize and celebrate the important work that supply chain professionals do.

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