Top Innovations Reshaping...

Top Innovations Reshaping Last-Mile Delivery

May 22, 2023

As the popularity of e-commerce has continued to soar in recent times, the pressure on logistics companies to deliver more goods to customers faster and more efficiently continues to rise. Last-mile delivery remains arguably the most crucial part of the supply chain process as this features direct contact with the customer. However, for several reasons, this phase remains the most costly and highly challenging for logistics companies to manage.?

Today, several innovative solutions are employed, taking advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements such as machine learning and drone delivery to improve customer experience. In this article, we discuss some of these innovations and how they are being applied in the industry.

Implementing Micro Depots or Micro Hubs

Large, dense populations; relatively high demand for logistics parcels; and traffic difficulties. These are just a few of the many features of modern metropolitan areas. It is now common practice for logistic companies to use the micro hub for efficient and reliable parcel delivery in such neighborhoods. As its name suggests, micro hubs are storage facilities that are typically located in urban areas and are used by logistics companies to temporarily store parcels meant for customers in the vicinity before delivering the goods to them.?

The usage of micro hubs is an effective strategy for reducing the negative impact of logistics on the environment. With the increasing demand for fast and efficient delivery of goods in densely populated urban areas, micro hubs provide a solution to reduce the number of delivery vehicles on the road, decreasing carbon emissions and air pollution. By consolidating parcels in central locations, micro hubs enable logistics companies to optimize their delivery routes, minimizing the distances traveled and reducing the carbon footprint of each delivery.

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