A Look at China’s Cross-B...

A Look at China’s Cross-Border Logistics Landscape in 2022

Jun 01, 2023

The cross-border logistics industry in China has witnessed substantial growth and evolution in recent years, driven by the surging demand among Chinese consumers for international products. This expansion has been further highlighted by the impressive figures reported by the General Administration of Customs of China, indicating that China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports reached a combined value of 2.11 trillion yuan in 2022, representing a notable growth rate of 9.8% compared to the previous year.?

As China maintains its position as one of the leading exporters globally, it becomes imperative to delve deeper into the intricacies of cross-border trade within the country. In this article, we will explore the key dynamics and developments surrounding China’s cross-border logistics, which include the top sources of origin for international shipments and the average number of business days it takes for these parcels to reach their designated countries.

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International Shipments from China to Mexico Had the Longest Transit Time in 2022

Based on our 2022 data analysis, shipments from China to Mexico experienced the longest average transit time of 18.8 days among all the observed trade routes. In contrast, parcels from China reached the United States in approximately 14.5 days and Canada in around 15.7 days.?

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