Ask Me Anything: Streamlini...


Ask Me Anything: Streamlining E-Commerce Operations

dateOct 28, 2022
time5:15 pm - 5:45 pm UTC+08:00

If you have always wanted to learn more about selling locally and internationally on marketplaces and how brands and retailers like yourself can best leverage technology innovations for your retail and/or e-commerce business, make sure to watch this Ask Me Anything session as Jorrit Steinz, CEO and Founder at ChannelEngine answered questions from the community.

A creative and active entrepreneur, Jorrit has more than 18 years of expertise in B2C, B2B and D2C e-commerce, marketplaces, SaaS and international platform strategies. He started ChannelEngine in 2013 when he saw the need – as an e-commerce store owner himself –to have the ability to connect on any marketplaces. Today, ChannelEngine is trusted by over 8000 brands, and located in 7 offices across the globe with a team of over 200 marketplace professionals.?

Jorrit is also a public speaker at various events, and adviser on the rapid changes in the global retail landscape for brands, distributors, and large retailers.?The session is moderated by Jiamin Han, Community Lead at Parcel Monitor, the leading e-commerce logistics community.

Missed this event? Not to worry, our team has done up an article summarizing?our key takeaways from the event.?Read on to find out more!

Questions answered in the interview include:

  1. (3:31 - 6:12) How has the e-commerce landscape evolved over the years?

  2. (6:26 - 8:27) What led you to start ChannelEngine 9 years ago?

  3. (8:56 - 10:30) What made you decide to enter the Southeast Asian market?

  4. (10:35 - 13:30) What are the top 3 factors business owners should consider before launching their e-commerce operations?

  5. (13:38 - 16:38) Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to succeeding in e-commerce?

  6. (16:40 - 21:12) What are some strategies to use to make our products stand out on marketplaces?

  7. (21:16 - 23:47) What's the key advantage of leveraging on marketplaces as compared to direct-to-consumer? How should companies decide which of the 2 to focus on (or both)?

  8. (23:51 - 25:03) What is one of the biggest company challenges you're facing at the moment as CEO?

  9. (25:10 - 26:48) What's the best advice you can give new B2C sellers or brands?

  10. (27:00 - 28:54) What’s the current marketplace advertising model? And how can sellers best optimize it?

  11. (29:30 - 30:20) What is the next big thing you think will happen in the next few years in E-Commerce Marketplaces?

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